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Alex & Serena are Married!-Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Alex & Serena’s wedding was a celebration of 10 years together-since high school! When you’ve been with someone this long, you know them well, just like Alex & Serena. Their friends and family were thrilled to be witnessing this wedding, and so were we. We’ve so enjoyed getting to know Alex and Serena and were honored to photograph their special day.

One of the best parts of Alex and Serena’s wedding was during their reception. They had a cute slideshow of photos growing up, together, etc. Then at the end, they had the most adorable video of when Alex proposed to Serena. It looked to be a peaceful, relaxing, summer day where Alex had brought Serena out to a field in Sibley, Iowa. (They were visiting Alex’s grandparents at the time.) Sitting in those chairs, they talked about life…when Alex asked, “Do you know why I brought you out here?” From there, there was a proposal, many hugs, smiles, and an excitement that couldn’t be contained just on video. To be able to show this to their wedding guests was just perfect. To get another glimpse into Alex and Serena’s relationship was so sweet.

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