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Peder and Becca are Married : Part 2 : Minnesota Wedding Photographers

Following Peder and Becca’s beautiful ceremony, we headed to Canal Park for some photos. You can view them here if you missed them. We didn’t stay there long though, so soon headed out to Chester Park. Paul and I have been to Duluth many times and had never before seen this beautiful park. It was gorgeous. We definitely want to return again someday to explore some more. Peder and Becca’s bridal party rocked-they were just as adventurous as Peder and Becca-the girls venturing out on the rocky cliffs in their heels, and the guys being gentlemen and helping them. With so many of Peder and Becca’s friends and family from all over, it was such a joyful day having them all there to celebrate their wedding.

Following photos, we headed to Spirit Mountain for their reception. Normally this place is bustling with skiers and snowboarders, but in September, it was the perfect place for Peder and Becca. It fit so well with their adventurous personalities, as well as brought in some Norwegian tradition with smoked salmon and lefsa being served as their guests arrived. Peder and Becca are well traveled, having been to many places around the world together. They decorated their tables with just that-photos of the many places they’ve been. I didn’t get a photo of these, but they also had little trivia cards where guests could read a question about Peder and Becca and then scratch of the answer they thought to be correct. If they got it right, they got to be entered into a drawing-such a cute idea. Ironically, Peder and Becca also had nearly the same last name before they were married (only one letter different!), so a fun play on letters and monogram was evident throughout the reception.

Finally, Peder and Becca had the most amazing first dance we’ve ever seen. Most couples are like us, where they set their hopes on learning to dance, but fail to keep up with the lessons enough to follow through-at least that’s what happened to us when we were married. Peder and Becca on the other hand were faithful to learn the foxtrot and gave a wonderfully choreographed first dance. It was truly spectacular!

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Cathy AndersonOctober 19, 2011 - 11:30 pm

What a beautiful day to start your life together! These pictures are an awesome reminder of your love and devotion to each other. Thanks to the Enchanted Image for giving us your story in pictures!

Becca & Peder’s Wedding : Part 1 : Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Becca and Peder’s destination wedding was not what you’d think of when you hear that term. In fact, you may be wondering exactly what this was all about. Becca called us up a little over a year ago explaining that they lived in San Francisco, and that their friends and family were literally from all over the country, so why not get married in Superior, WI; where Becca lived for a few years during college. It was in the middle of the country, right? Becca actually grew up in Wisconsin, and how special that her parents were also wed at this same beautiful church.

It was also the perfect location for Becca and Peder, as both love the outdoors. Duluth and Superior are both so gorgeous this time of the year. We loved the spots Becca and Peder had picked out for photos. They were absolutely perfect!

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