Dippel Family : Minnesota Family Photographer

It’s the third year we’ve photographed our friends, the Dippel’s. They’ve added another little one to their family this year-Esther. It was challenging at times having 3 kids ages 3 and under in photographs, but they really were amazing! Mom and Dad certainly do a great job parenting them and we had a great time going around their home taking photos. If you’d like to see the progression of their family photos, go here and here.

I love the outfits Carrie chose for the family…

It was at this point that Tom found a stray kitten and ran it into the house to keep. While he was gone, we got this great photo of Carrie with her children!

Think Esther will one day look back on this photo and laugh? We hope so! It wasn’t easy getting a good photo of the three kids together!

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