Brian & Bridget : Married! : Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Brian and Bridget’s wedding was just perfect. As I went through their photos to decide what to post on our blog, I was struck by how much fun, full of love, and friendship Brian and Bridget shared with one another and their family and friends. Their bridal party was awesome-always laughing and having a good time. Brian and Bridget were cute as ever and shared some of the sweetest moments we’ve ever witnessed. They are genuinely a down to earth couple who just so happened to have found one another and vow to spend the rest of their lives together. Truly a beautiful day and couple.

Seeing her dad for the first time. What a sweet moment!

What  a magnificent church. Just gorgeous.

I’m so glad Brian and Bridget decided to get an old getaway car. I just love how their car photos turned out!

Oh yes, this bridal party was awesome!

Awww…Brian looks so happy to be married to his girl!

One of my all time favorite bridal party photos!:)

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Congratulations Brian & Bridget!!!

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