Becca & Peder’s Wedding : Part 1 : Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Becca and Peder’s destination wedding was not what you’d think of when you hear that term. In fact, you may be wondering exactly what this was all about. Becca called us up a little over a year ago explaining that they lived in San Francisco, and that their friends and family were literally from all over the country, so why not get married in Superior, WI; where Becca lived for a few years during college. It was in the middle of the country, right? Becca actually grew up in Wisconsin, and how special that her parents were also wed at this same beautiful church.

It was also the perfect location for Becca and Peder, as both love the outdoors. Duluth and Superior are both so gorgeous this time of the year. We loved the spots Becca and Peder had picked out for photos. They were absolutely perfect!

Peder surprised Becca with a beautiful necklace as a gift on their wedding day, delivered by his best man.

Becca surprised Peder with some Tiffany cufflinks.

A bit windy, but isn’t it always at Canal Park in Duluth? We only stopped here for a short time, but love the moments we captured with Peder and Becca shortly after they were married!

Part 2 of Peder and Becca’s wedding will be appearing tomorrow. Stay tuned, because we then headed to an amazing park with some amazing views!

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