Steve & Patty : Married : Part 2 : Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Steve and Patty’s Minneapolis Golf Club wedding was a beautiful day-sunny, warm, and filled with laughter of family and friends.  After their ceremony, Steve and Patty took some time to take a few photos while their guests enjoyed cocktail hour.  We absolutely love the time we get to spend with a bride and groom shortly after their ceremony; Patty and Steve were no exception. Steve is hopelessly in love with Patty and she just glows when she’s around him. Together they created some beautiful photos!

Onto the reception, Steve and Patty shared one of the most unique dollar dances we’ve ever seen. It’s awesome when families have traditions they keep passing down with each wedding. With Patty’s family, it’s to play polka music while their family and friends come to dance. However, instead of just paying typically the maid of honor and best man their dollar, their guests came prepared! They had multiple dollars and upon dancing with Patty or Steve had to throw the money in the air! The kids loved it and were scrambling on the floor collecting all the money. This went on for a good 45 minutes and was non-stop fun for everyone! Loved it!

Steve, Patty, and their handsome son, Alex. He was a stud all day!

Could they be any more happy?:)

I said they come prepared-look at Grandma here…

Can you guess who’s going to catch it?

Their son, Alex  had quite the moves!

To see more of Steve and Patty’s wedding, you can check out their full gallery here.

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Congratulations again, Steve & Patty!

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