Jonathan & Laura are Married-Part 1-Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We first met Jonathan and Laura back in April, strictly on a photography basis. Turns out that we go to the same church, yet had never met one another. Much to our pleasure, Jonathan and Laura joined the small group we are a part of…and the rest is history. Well, sort of. We have loved getting to know Jonathan and Laura and are ecstatic they are now married. Now we can say wives and husbands in our group. Such a nice ring to it, right?:)

To sum up Jonathan and Laura’s weddings in just a few words would be, God-honoring, romantic, and as sweet as can be. We have seen a lot of wedding ceremonies and besides the fact that their wedding took place at our home church, it was so beautiful. Laura was beaming the entire time, tears were shed around the room, and Jonathan surprised Laura with singing a song just for her. Wow! It was just one of the sweetest moments of the day. So without further ado…enjoy this first look at Jonathan and Laura’s wonderful wedding!

Part 2 of Jonathan and Laura’s wedding will be appearing soon, so stay tuned!

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