Chris & Bobbie are Married-Part 2-Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Chris & Bobbie’s wedding venue was perhaps one of the most beautiful in the Twin Cities area. The garden, water, walking paths, and flowers at Centennial Lakes made this just a magical place to be married. Not only that, but this was a special place for Chris & Bobbie. Their ceremony was held right at the place where Chris first professed his love for Bobbie-awww….

If you missed the first part of Chris & Bobbie’s wedding, you can view it here.

Then it was time for the ceremony.

Like I mentioned yesterday, their son, Caden sure stole the show!

At this point in the ceremony, the officiant asked for the rings. Perhaps you can tell by the expressions, but it seems that the rings were forgotten! Thank goodness for Chris and Bobbie’s easy-going attitudes that they could just laugh about this. After a thorough search through the bags, it was decided that the rings must have been in the car still. Thankfully, Chris’ awesome best man volunteered to run to the car and check. Meanwhile, leave it to Grandpa to save the day when he said, “Here, just use mine.”

So they proceeded with the ring exchange…

Kissed for the first time as husband and wife, then laughed at the fact that Chris’ best man was just making his way back with the actual rings.:)

So glad they they and their guests were able to just laugh this off-it will be a moment definitely to remember in the years to come!

Following the ceremony, we returned to River Oaks Golf Course for a few more photos before their reception began.

Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs!

We love being able to take advantage of the beautiful sunset light at weddings. Love, love, love these images!

Our assistant for the day, Alison shot this one… so pretty!

Alison also took this one…

Did you remember that I mentioned that little Caden had the best moves of the night?

Congratulations, Chris & Bobbie!

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