Chris & Bobbie are Married-Part 1- Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Chris & Bobbie wedding was filled with laughter. Their easy-going attitude made the day so relaxed and enjoyable for all. Their bridal party was equally as wonderful and so supportive of Chris & Bobbie’s marriage. Chris & Bobbie split their wedding between two places, their ceremony was held at Centennial Lakes, in Edina, MN. We were blown away by the beauty of this area, and also the special significance it held for Chris & Bobbie-more about that later!

We started the day at River Oaks Golf Course, where Chris & Bobbie shared their first look.

Their son, Caden came out all dressed up. He was a hit all day long. I was so impressed with his attitude and how well he did all day! I can’t wait to share his dance moves at the reception!

We had an assistant with us at this wedding, and here is one of her shots! I love the movement in Bobbie’s dress!

Then it was time to head over to the ceremony site. Love the setting here!

Here’s one of the special places to Chris & Bobbie. They came here often when they were dating. It actually was where Chris was planning on telling Bobbie he loved her for the first time, but….someone happened to be there that night. He ended up professing his love to Bobbie in another area of the park-the spot where Chris & Bobbie chose to have their ceremony.

Stay tuned until tomorrow for Chris & Bobbie’s ceremony and reception, along with some killer sunset shots!

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