Mike & Brooke are Married!-Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Mike and Brooke had one of the most fun, easy-going, and altogether wonderful weddings we’ve seen. Mike and Brooke actually live in Nebraska where Mike is a school counselor and where Brooke teaches art.  So obviously she loves color and had artistic flair throughout her wedding. However, despite living in Nebraska, Brooke grew up in Minnesota and wanted to get married at the same church where her parents and grandparents did. It’s so neat when couples can have this kind of tradition, and especially with the model of a great marriage in their parents, too!

A card from her dad…

Seeing one another for the first time. Before Brooke came in, one of her bridesmaids popped in just to make sure Mike had kleenex. He did, of course and they needed it!

Brooke and Mike had two darling flower girls and one adorable ring bearer. This little girl kept saying, “Happy Birthday Brookie!” all day, thinking this was all just a big birthday party! So cute!

The downpour that was occurring outside let up so we could get out for a few pictures.

Fitting that they both work at a school? I think so!

Brooke, you’re so beeea-u-tiful!

Yes, they liked to have fun together!

And now, time for the ceremony.

It’s hard to tell in the next few photos, but it was raining pretty good at this point. It’s a blessing to have rain on your wedding day, right? 😉 Brooke and Mike still wanted to stop and get a few photos though, so we did. It was fast! They all ran out of the bus, lined up and then Brooke yelled that they were going to do a jumping shot, too.

It was all fast and wet, but everyone was such good sports to go out in the rain for Brooke & Mike!

Congratulations Brooke & Mike!

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CINDEEAugust 13, 2011 - 10:27 am

The jumping shot is hilarious. Very fun!

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