Baby Abigail-Minnesota Newborn Photographer

Baby Abigail surprised her parents, Scott and Sarah, when she decided to come six weeks early. She was a healthy baby, but spent some extra time in the hospital after her birth to grow stronger. When I was able to take these photos, Abigail was about four weeks old, but still so tiny at around five pounds! She was wide eyed much of the time and gave us some great expressions! Enjoy her adorable photos!

What a face!!

Scott plays drums and maybe Abigail will too, one day!

Exactly how tiny her little foot was…

Love her wrinkly little tummy in this photo.

This almost looks like a little smile, right?:)

What a cute family…

Congratulations Scott and Sarah!

Barb PrihodaAugust 1, 2010 - 1:00 am

Thanks for doing the pictures for Scott and Sarah – I love them! It’s so cute to have the picture of her in Scott’s drum – what a great idea. Great job!

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